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0040: Plan for the next few weeks


Hi future Paweł!

This note is a kind of letter to the future me and all my minions 🙂
I worked out a plan of new features and procedures that should be implemented. Don’t proceed further before you take care of stuff listed below.

Before check in current changes:

  1. Correct/complete comments for the classes/methods.
  2. Create new tab in the Main Menu – Test Tools.
  3. Put CollectionManager/Create Settings File/Create Huge Test Db into TestTools tab.

After code’s checked in:

  1. Check all TODOs and fix/remove them.
  2. Take care of the performance related with huge database.
  3. Check the code with FX Cop.
  4. Take care of proper branching in the SVN. I think that we should create new branch – “developer’s branch” and do check ins on it only. Main branch should exist parallelly and be updated only when some important, stable functionality is added.
  5. All strings must be moved to resources!

New procedures to be considered:

  1. Comments to the procedure/class should be added right after item was created.
  2. All TODOs should be fixed/removed before check in.
  3. Before every check in all strings must be moved to resources.
  4. Before every check in unused/commented code must be removed.
  5. Some kind of “road map” should be created(?)

When something will dawn on me, I will certainly update this post.
Best regards
old Paweł

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