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0030: One year with OLGAtherer


Hello again,

This time in year 2011. This means that I work on OLGAtherer for a year, even though I started work, AFAIR, in September 2010. Since then I made about 60 commits on SVN, wrote about 030 posts on this blog (this is exactly 030) and drunk numerous cups of coffee.
It’s not bad score, because at start I didn’t want to write this on my own. This supposed to be training problem for Radosław. I have my own work, family, etc. But there was one thing that forced me to create and develop OLGAtherer – this was the first part of the name – OLGA. As you may know, it’s my daughter’s name and I must be stupid senthimental 🙂
Uuuuh… stop. This post goes in the wrong direction. I wanted to state what has been done and what has to be done. First accomplished – let’s go further without unnecessary interludes.

What has to be done? Almost everything. Since now there is quite well implemented mechanism of interaction with database, test GUI that looks like nothing good, and a lot of unattached buttons 🙂 My plan is to attach them one by one and periodically release new version of the application… blah, blah, blah

Oh crap, I have no idea what and how to write this post. I haven’t had interesting problems to overcome since last post and don’t know what to write instead of technical stuff. So maybe I will shut up. Gently.


PS. I can’t look at this thing above. You too, probably. So mercifully I will be quiet until I will come across something really interesting or there will be something really worth to write about (maybe new release of the OLGAtherer – new features will be available in not so distant future).

PS2. Happy new year.

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