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0025: First release unleashed :)


Good day,

I’d like to announce that very fist version of OLGAtherer release is available on the Sourceforge. To start the application you simply need to download the archive, extract it anywhere, and double-click OLGAtherer.Controller.exe. It will start with default database and configuration. I’m aware that it contains numerous bugs and isn’t functional even in 30%, but I think that in 2014 it would be nice to go back and look at the beginning of the app 🙂 (that’s why I placed that version now).

Since now I’ve made circa 50 updates on the SVN, and I think that at least 60-70 will be needed since program reaches 90% of its assumed functionality. Long way ahead, but I will do it.

Best regards.

EDITED: I’ve just noticed that there have been 7 downloads. Unfrtunately, during preparation of the archive I forgot to include System.Data.SQLite.dll library into it. Now I fixed this mistake and archive on the sourceforge contains all necessary files and can be tested. Sorry for my mistake.

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