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0014: Re-organisation



Last time I mentioned about covariance problems. It was AFAIR first time that C# restricted me in any way. I figured out that if there is that kind of problem, maybe it’s not framework is bad, but me. I mean – it’s probably some kind of architecture problem. As I don’t pretend to be any kind of software engineer, I decided to ask someone more experienced to help.

I work in software company with many other developers. Unfortunately company politic is clear and states that only money counts – for this reason students and people like me are mostly hired. However, I know few people who have much more experience in programming, and I decided to ask Andrzej, skillful programming engineer to help me.

From start I noticed that I chose well – he investigated my architecture carefully and found many mistakes. More – he introduced to me techniques that I hadn’t be aware of.

I point out his advices shortly:

  • DbManager class used to connecting with DB and returning repositories
  • Each method in DbManager returns another repository: GetBookRepo(), GetWineRepo() etc.
  • RepositoryManager class used to further managing of repositories (merging, adding, etc.)
  • Security issues – I will have to find out what to do if one user wants to change another’s collection – maybe two passwords needed? It’s not urgent, but worth to think about
  • Most important: instead of “bottom up” technique that I use now I should try to create simple test GUI using WinForms. This GUI will be used as interface between potential user and programmer. When I create this GUI Andrzej will try to work out rest of the OLGAtherer skeleton.
  • What is most important to me, I know today much more than yesterday, due to contact with much more skilled programmer – this is great advantage of doing this application.

    Other informations: yesterday I put some new code on SVN. This include DbManager, RepoManager, configuration XML handlers and simple logger that I used in previous applications. You could download this and, in case of any question, contact me.

    Best regards,

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