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0012: Long, long time ago…


Hello again after quite long time.

Again, I write to myself only – I’ve heard that this could be some kind of mental illness. I have no idea why am I doing this right now. At the beginning this project has to be some kind of training for Radosław. I’ve got a lot of my free time (that I don’t have too much, anyway) to prepare myself (I have not too much experience with designing software), to make foundations for OLGAtherer, to teach him as much as I could. Unfortunately, after few days (he worked at this project not even a single day) he told me that he isn’t interested. Funny, isn’t it? So main purpose of this project just vanished.

Next my wife got a serious illness, and got to the hospital. Next, I had two weeks of holidays, and at last I’m here – next to my screen. As I can see on the calendar next to this column, I was absent for about 4 weeks. During such a long absence I forgot about majority of plans that I had on August, so I have to think whether is there a purpose to start again. There is no one to teach (but me), no one to read this, no one to use OLGAtherer. You (me?) must forgive me and wait another few days – I hope that I reconsider this whole project once again and find out whether I want to do this application on my own…

In case that I won’t come back to this project, I have even no one to make apologies – because no one reads it 🙂
If I will come back, I think that in short time I will do some updates on sourceforge, put some code there and start coding for real.

Sorry for my English, I know it’s awful.

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