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0011: Tellico studies summary



Last few days I was very busy due to my wife’s health problems. As she went to the hospital, I have had to take care of Olga. It’s a little bit funny – I don’t have time for OLGAtherer because I have to babysit OLGA 🙂 . However, during her naps I’ve managed to run Tellico on my OpenSuse 13.1 installed on VM.

I mentioned previously that I’d had problems with Linux. I couldn’t change MAC address, so there was no Internet access, and that made download packages required by Tellico impossible. However, at last I found magic three code lines:

eth0 down
eth0 hw ether 00:11:22:33:44:55
eth0 up

I have no idea how to make this change permanent, but I’ve put these lines into custom script that I run whenever I need network connection. It’s quite harsh, but works. Maybe some day I force myself to get more familiar with Linux family and do nice, solid facepalm when I read this post again. Now it works and that’s it.

Anyway, I’ve run Tellico and test its features and possibilities. Many of them are magic for me even now (especially many conversion features and Internet search features), but at least I have idea where to start. I noticed also that Tellico uses XML files to contain collections data and I think that using SQLite may give OLGAtherer a huge advantage over that application. Of course I don’t have as much experience as Tellico’s father, but I may have in the future 🙂

In short, what to do now? Find out how to implement MVVM pattern – this would be a foundation of OLGAtherer.
Next WPF basics – why so soon? I don’t think that with my poor artistic skills I could do nice looking and ergonomic GUI, so maybe I would have to gain over a programmer that could do this for me – I need to think about it, because OLGAtherer without GUI will be worth rather nothing.
Parallel with above I must get knowledge about Commanding technique described on MSDN – I feel that this may be used very frequently in OLGAtherer.

After that I will have to connect all of learned methods and techniques in one piece – for now I can see few more patterns that we could use – e.g. Factory and Facade. In the next few days I will try to make UML class diagram that will show skeleton of our collection manager and publish it in the next post.

Best regards, Paweł

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