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0010: Seven is the last digit of the cycle. Why?


Good day,

I told yesterday that this post will be published next week. Did I lie? No,  I’ve just realized that there is one more thing that I want to say about  that isn’t so time consuming as more “technical” plans explanation, so I may do it quickly today.

What I want to say is that I installed yesterday OpenSuse Linux on my virtual machines manager 🙂 I’ve tried to do this many times for last several years, but I’m old Windows fan and Linux, even that modern and nice-looking like Suse or other distributions containing KDE manager, couldn’t impress me enough to swap my operating systems. Enough say that even new OpenSuse 13.1 that, theoretically, allows user to do everything via graphical managers, made me use console tools to change MAC address. And when I eventually did this, got Internet connection and could successfully install new software, this new application didn’t run 😐 Huh. This is too much for me, I want system where I can double click and use what I want without tons of config files and strange commands.

Anyway, I choose OpenSuse because it has KDE manager which is required by Tellico to work. This is my big secret revealed 🙂 I ‘ve decided to check Tellico features and copy some of them  – if I ever make Tellico to run, of course…

Nice paradox – that’s great that Tellico isn’t for Windows, because this allows me to write my own application. On the other hand this sucks, because I have to write my own application 🙂 Next few days I will spend trying to run Tellico and checking its possibilities. I will write something when I find out how it works and  determine features that I would like to have in OLGAtherer.

Best regards, Paweł

PS. Why that title? I think that you know already 🙂

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