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0006: F0rMAtT1nG: y0u’r3 n0t funny anym0r3:)



This post will be slightly different than previous ones. First, because of its length, second – because of its subject that isn’t connected with OLGAtherer project.
As you probably noticed, I have no experience in blogging. This site is my first (maybe last) blog and because of this I still try to work out form of writing that suits me best.
One of the problems that I have/had to overcome was code formatting. I tried to use <code> tags available in HTML view, but that doesn’t produce nice looking output. Since I have no idea about results I can expect, I used these tags and was happy.

Fortunately I took a look at the Michał Urbański’s Blog and found interesting post about formatting code on In short, author has found few ways of code formatting including plugins and tags. For my purposes I choose tags :

[sourcecode language=”csharp”]
//insert your code here

Because I think that this is good compromise between simplicity and quality of the end result. I see also that this isn’t one post on the Michał’s blog that I need to read – his texts about DBs are very interesting and contain lot of knowledge that will be useful for me in the future works – I need to read them all :).

Best regards, Paweł


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