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0001: Everything starts somewhere…


Hello there!

My name is Paweł, I live in Poland. As so, my native language isn’t English, but I decided to blog that way. I hope my posts will be clear enough to read without laugh.

What’s all about? My younger first cousin, Radoslaw, wants to learn C# programming. I have quite large book collection and some time to spare to help him, so I proposed to make application that would help with collection managing, because I don’t think existing application suits me in 100%.  So we have motive and culprits, where is a crime scene? Here you have 😉

As you can see, design is quite poor – as there as on this blog. This is because first I’d like to know whether people likes this project. If so, I will try to improve graphics and add features to this blog and to the sourceforge site. Otherwise we just make the application, and this will be all. This blog’s purpose is, first of all, to be some kind of making application process’ log. If people will like it, I hope that this site will be a way to get feedback from them. I will try do document every step of the process, so maybe someone will find something helpful here. A lot of maybes – yes, but anyway I will be a better programist when this application will be ready, so the Radoslaw. If you will have good, useful tool, this will be “only” additional reward 🙂

If you would see something interesting here, please comment it. Do so if you want new feature to be implemented in OlGatherer. Do so any time you want 🙂

Aaa, last but not least 🙂 Why OlGatherer? Olga is my daughter’s name, she is a 1.5 year old, and loves to collect tiny scraps  from the floor 🙂 I would never think this name out, but my good friend, Agata, did this – big, big thanks for that,  Aga 🙂

Regards, Paweł

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